Real Estate & Lending Solutions

Beryllus Capital’s Real Estate & Lending Solutions desk, via its subsidiary, Beryllus Capital RE (UK) Limited specialises in offering unregulated services and products associated with real estate markets and providing lending solutions.

The activities of Business Loans, Corporate Loans, Bridging Finance, Development Finance do not constitute regulated investment business under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. As such, clients of Beryllus Capital will not be afforded the protection available under the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) and will not be eligible for compensation under the rules of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (‘FSCS’).

Products / Services

A) Lending facilities

We introduce corporates to various third party banks for the purposes of seeking loans secured by collateral acceptable to the lending institution.

The following link from the FCA website provides guidance as to the nature of regulated and unregulated loans.

B) Private Credit / Bridge Financing

Our Private Credit / Bridge financing offers businesses an alternate to the conventional lending environment.

A private credit / bridge loan is a short-term loan that covers a property purchase, while waiting for the main funding means to become available. Our bridge deals range from 3 months – 24 months.

Bridge financing provides a solution for borrowers where time is of the essence and completion on deals requires a quick turnaround. This is where conventional financing sources cannot play a part and bridge loans are an efficient short term solution.

Beryllus Capital aims to provide services that are not classified as regulated activities under the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) regime. Since these activities are unregulated, the parties contracting with Beryllus Capital for the aforementioned services will not be offered any protection available by the FCA.

C) Development Finance

This is specifically for refurbishment or construction of a project, as well as contributing to the property value/purchase.

Beryllus Capital does not currently provide development finance but this is an area that we aim to offer this service in the near future.

Beryllus Capital Real Estate (UK) Limited (“BCRE”) is a subsidiary of BCL incorporated in the UK registration number 13696733. BCRE provides unregulated real estate and credit lending solutions and is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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